Currency rates

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus requires the sale of goods or services via the Internet with the indication of prices only in belarusian rubles. The indication of prices in other currencies is prohibited, except in rare cases. In this regard, prices for all tickets on the website are indicated in belarusian rubles.

However, for your convenience, below are the comparative rates of currencies and prices in these currencies.

Note! These figures are calculated automatically according to the exchange rates of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus and are given only as background information. When paying, your card will be charged in belarusian rubles, the amount of the transaction in your card's currency will be calculated according to the exchange rates of the bank that issued your card.

1 0.510.4128.58164.1714.591.72
59 29.8224.271 686.449 686.26860.69101.45
79 39.9332.492 258.1112 969.741 152.44135.84
99 50.0340.722 829.7816 253.221 444.20170.23